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Did you know there are 56% of potential customers who gave up on the onboarding process while applying for an account? 40% of them were concerned with the amount of information being asked, and 34% of them abandoned the process due to lengthy delays.

Imagine, the amount of growth you can achieve by just providing an identity verification process that is quick and hassle-free for your customers. Introducing eKYC1110 - A revolutionary KYC solution that works seamlessly for customers by shortens customer onboarding process up to 95%.

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ID Document Recognition

Our capabilities

OCR – Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, Staff ID, Loyalty Card

AI identity card verification

  • Front identical feature matching
    • Format structure checking (Title, Logo, Flag)
    • Hologram, Gender detection
  • Back identical feature matching (General Signatory)

Facial Recognition


Incorporate with Anti-Spoofing

Facial recognition technology trained based on local faces

Secure Environment (Separation of facial data & Personal information)

Mobile-One-Time-Password Verification (MOTP)


Enhance Security - Multi-factor

Replace traditional SMS OTP

Cost Efficient


eKYC Helps Business Grow

Intergrate your business with eKYC110, it's easy to use and simple to implement.
With eKYC110 you can...

Create a seamless customer experience

Increase customer
opt-in rate

Reduce customer acquisition & verification costs

Enhance customer
risk assessment

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